Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cycling in the snow

The snow is back in London. It started on Friday morning and I took the Brompton into the West End because I knew there would be train cancellations on the way back and did not know how I would get home. In the end I managed to get on a train after a long wait. Cycling in light snow is fine as long as I wear my wrap around glasses so I can see. It has been snowing all day today and it is now too thick to cycle, so time to get out the wellington boots and walk until it melts.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Parking at the Supermarket

Because of the ongoing wet weather and a late start back to work I have not been on a bike until this week. I decided to pump up the Brompton tires to be on the safe side as I couldn’t recall the last time I did this. October? I realised that I had forgotten the tire pressure so it was a guess. I will look it up this weekend and I have two types of tires to consider. Had a speedy trip to Woolwich and parked at the newly opened large supermarket in the centre. I have mixed feelings about the parking spaces for bikes. 1. I am very pleased that there are two large designated areas for cyclists to park. 2. But they are underground in the car park and you have to watch out for drivers looking for spaces. 3. I like the design of the lock frames. 4 Not sure why they also did not put a few upstairs and just outside the front of store for quick trips. 5. They have allowed cyclist to ride right up to the store and there is a cycle paths to assist. Usually you are asked to dismount when there is a large pedestrian area. 6. The supermarket is open 24hr Monday to Saturday so if I feel the need for something in the middle of the night I can cycle down the road. My Brompton was the only bike in the bike park. Not sure if other local cyclists are aware of this new facility.