Thursday, 28 March 2013

A million more women on bicycles

I got sent the link to this video yesterday. It is part of the British Cycling campaign working with Barclays to get a million more women in the UK making regular trips on bikes by 2020. I want this to happen but I wonder at times. Maybe it just feels extra hard at the moment because of our current never-ending winter weather. I have posted the video because it features Caz Catlin of the impressively stylish Cycle Chic website and blog London Cycle Chic. This woman had one of the first UK based bike blogs giving advice to women about cycling without the lycra. When it comes to having courage to get on the bike it was bloggers like Caz not sports women like Victoria Pendleton that tipped it for me. I have been looking at the Cycle Chic site and I am tempted to buy a helmet.


Information Systems said...

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Anonymous said...

Why is it all about helmets?