Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ankle Boots - Dune

The weather is still so dull, and cold in London. No one can believe it that April starts this weekend and we are expecting more, yes more cold weather. There has been a rash of unexpected bargains in shoe departments and I have brought another pair, of ankle boots this time from Dune, although I am not sure if these are shoe boots. With this weather it will be boots, boots and more boots until the summer. I have not brought shoes from Dune before. Not one of the usual shoe shops that I visit. But they have now just gone into the top five. Although I will wait again until the sale before making another visit. These black suede boots have been waterproofed. They come with a thin rubber sole which give them a very good grip on the bike pedals and a bounce when I walk. The day after I took this photo last Thursday I sprained my ankle while coming down stairs. So I will be off the bikes for a couple weeks while I heal.


Tamakikat said...

Hi there.

I've been enjoying your blog since last year when I was looking for info on buying a Brompton and cycling in London.

Now back in Japan I still catch your posts.

Sorry to hear about your ankle.

Hope it gets better soon.


Grace Black said...

Hi TK. Thank you. My ankle is much better and I hope I can get back on the bike next week.

Betty said...

Those are nice boots! I hope your ankle heals quickly.

Grace Black said...

Thanks Betty!