Sunday, 14 July 2013

Other people's Bromptons - the cheap one

I was at the print making studio yesterday on a photolithography workshop. Three Brompton owners were present and discussing the difficulties of managing hills when you are traveling in North or South London. The classic Red Brompton seen above was purchased in Amsterdam for £250, second hand. Bargain.


aedan said...

Hills in London?

I had one of my Bromptons down there in September and it happily got to Crystal Palace via a sort of hill.

That one is an S type which I prefer for going up hill. I could feel my old M bars bend when pulling up an incline. I've got a new M6R waiting to be picked up at a shop in Edinburgh (been in England and Wales for a couple of weeks). I'm going to fit the handlebar brace on this one to see if that makes it less flexible.

What London hills did you have in mind? I lived in Kilburn and worked on Campden Hill Rd, Kensington, in the late '80s/ early '90s.

She Rides a Bike said...

I've only ridden my Brompton, and H6R, in very flat Phoenix, Arizona but did take my Dahon to San Francisco about 3 years ago and rode it everywhere, including up and down hills. An espeically steep section (even by SF standards) of Fillmore Avenue did require me to get out of the saddle and walk my bike uphill but the cars traveling along beside me were struggling to make it as well. As with any bike, when approaching an incline, down shift!