Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hurrah! It's Autumn

I confess that I did very little cycling this summer. It was a lovely summer but just too hot for me to pedal around in. I didn’t use the Brompton for weeks. I sometimes used the Trek bike to get to the station where I left it and just used the train. There were days when I walked and used buses. We have a great public transport system in London and if you use smart phone apps to tell you when buses and trains are arriving you can usually have a seamless journey.

My Brompton got dust on it. It hasn’t even had the August Service. I forgot. Still it is Autumn and I am back using it. I have had to get out the bike lights because the sun now sets around 6.30. Autumn is the best time to cycle, not too hot, not yet cold.

 I am back in boots because I have finally found new boots I like after a three year search. I can finally put my Office boots out to pasture. They did so well through the crazy extreme weather we had over the past few years. I wanted a pair of brown boots and after much deliberation between a pair from Clarks and a pair by Steve Madden from Dune I found these in Matalan of all places. I have never brought shoes from this discount shop before but they are fabulously comfortable, well made and only £50, two thirds less than the other pairs. I have teamed them up with my bag from New Look. I am not using my Bagaboo bike bag yet because it is big and I end up carrying too much stuff. Small light messenger and cross body bags are thin on the ground at the moment. Muji used to have a great range but have pulled them this year.

 Now I need to book that service with Comptons.