Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wet February

It rains most days, but it is the sudden gusts of wind that is keeping me off the Brompton. I managed to use it on Monday but decided on using the Trek today to get to the station and then use the train.


Yero Biu said...
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Grace Black said...

Hi Yero. I have finally found out how to fix the email link. It should now be working.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace

Love your blog, I haven't cycled for years (ever since my favourite most perfect birthday-present-to-self bike was stolen in Greenwich actually, absolutely ages ago!)

BUT having bought a Brompton last year (sage green) I finally, only this month, have started using it in London!

Nerve wracking, but this blog is great - I was googling how to lock it up... because nowhere is willing to sell me a lock for it! It's actually proving pretty difficult, I certainly will need to lock it or get an alternative bike for commuting and nursery runs

Thanks for all the great advice on here and the pretty pictures!

Grace Black said...

Hi there. I am glad that you are back on a bike and yes cycling can be a worry after a break. You will need a super strong lock, I use a D-lock and it is the one I brought at the same time I got my Brompton 6 years ago.

Best wishes