Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Brompton got a service

I completely forgot to service the Brompton last August. Well I remembered in October and by then I thought I would wait until the New Year and then I forgot again until this month. My Brompton is 6 years old and still holding up very well. The paint has gone in a couple tiny areas but everything is still ok. I got the service done at Compton Cycles in Catford, South London where I bought the Brompton. They still have the widest choice of Bromptons in South London for a non-chain outlet. The cost of the service was £109 and it was done in a day. Which I thought was very good as I had to replace a broken chain mudguard; the rear mud guard which had fallen off somewhere and the elastic straps on the back rack (I am amazed these lasted 6 years). I was shown a carry handle for the Brompton made by Off yer Bike. (Forgot to take a photo.) Cost is about £40 but it looks like it is worth the money as you can carry the Brompton from the middle and not the seat which is awkward at times especially going up and down stairs. This is going on my Christmas list.