Friday, 15 February 2008

Travelling by tube

So far I have managed to get through relatively unharmed. I have to work out where to stand on the platform in rush hour so I can get on with the bike. I can wheel the bike with the handle bar up to the platform but I it needs to go flat when on the tube. I can carry it for short distances and lifting it isn't a problem. The Brompton takes up less space than most of the trolley suitcases I see on my journey. Staff are happy to open the gate for me as I wheel the bike through which is also smaller than the average pram. Crowded platforms leave me anxious that someone is going to curse me, but I just keep saying sorry and other travellers are ok with the bike because they are also staring at it.

I usually get a seat on the Victoria Line after Oxford Circus and I can eat my breakfast banana and read.