What colour is your Brompton?

I got this comment from Richard and I decided to answer it in a post.
'Found your site after searching for 'yellow Brompton' (even if yours aint)
So what do you think - if you did it all again would you still get a black model?
Just about to cyclescheme one and am choosing between red, black and yellow ....'
What to do what to do. If I was doing it again I would go for another colour but don’t ask me what colour as everytime I see a Brompton that becomes my favourite colour. I saw a red one last week and I wanted a red one until I saw this soft cream colour this afternoon.

Yellow is a rare colour in London and I am always on the look out for Brompton riders on yellow bikes. The last time I saw one was outside Waterstones in Garrick Street on a rainy day over a year ago and it stood out like a ray of sunshine. The paint work was gloss and as you know the paint work on new Bromptons is now matt.

I think you go with your heart but more important is make sure you have the right model for your needs.

  1. Apart from the woman on the cream Brompton these pictures were taken over a year ago and so the colours may not be available anymore.
  2. I loved the combination of the leopard print flats and the cream of the bike. Style in motion.


I've got three Bromptons. They're all black. If I get another one it will be black too.

I've got another four black cycles and one which I inherited which is very dark blue.
Gareth said…
I'm surprised that given the range of colours available you don't see that many coloured frames on the road. I own a Turkish Green one and I don't think I've ever seen another one on the road in London.
I've never quite liked the look of choosing one colour for the main frame and another colour for the rest of the frame. If I had to choose another colour again my only criteria would be that the whole frame would be the same colour. But of course it's all down to personal choice.
Tom Goskar said…
I thought that I'd be a little quirky with the colours of my Brompton, and so it is yellow and red:

I love it!
Leslie said…
Mine's black too, although I've only got the one.
Anonymous said…
If I had one I'd have the cornflower blue (although I think they have renamed it now). I am back being a student for a year, studying for a Masters, once I return to full time employment a Brompton will be the first thing I'll get :D I already can't wait! In the meantime I'll use my partner's yellow Brompton eheh ;)
Acoustic Motorbike said…
Mine's flamingo with titanium fork and rear triangle. If I bought another, I'd go for raw lacquer.
Simon Casey said…
Loving the blog! I am looking to buy a Brompton and really like the yellow as well. Do you know what shop that is in the photos with the range of colours?
Cycling in Heels said…
Hi Simon. Glad you like the blog. The photos were taken at Compton Cycles who are based in Catford, South London, www.comptoncycles.co.uk. I have also seen a range of Bromptons at On Your Bike a shop based just by London Bridge Station, www.onyourbike.com. I would call before going because the last time I was there On Your Bike was in the process of reorganising the space. Compton usually have a good range of colours. Hope this helps.
Milady said…
Mine is black but I wish it was ivory or red! just persuaded a friend that red was a good idea :)
as for yellow, two bromptons crossed each other in front of me and both were yellow... am thinking yellow is on the up!

By the way, any recommendations (or perhaps a blog post!) on an elegant cycling mac? basically a waterproof coat, but not one that makes me look like I am in a race! Actually I want it for walking as much as cycling.
Cycling in Heels said…
The perfect cycling mac is my holy grail!!
mei said…
I was searching online for a cute cycling coat and found your blog. I love it! So much good information as I just got a Brompton and am still learning lots about cycling in London. I'll definitely keep reading and looking for the perfect cycling mac! Thanks for writing....

P.S. my brompton is yellow:)
Cycling in Heels said…
Thank you for reading Mei. Hope you find your coat.
Anonymous said…
My blue and yellow Brompton with superbly soft selle Italia coachwork stitched leather saddle was stolen in London last September. It was gorgeous.
Cycling in Heels said…
Oh I am so sorry to hear that! I can only imagine how devastating it must have been to loose such a lovely bike.