Thursday, 20 March 2008

Messenger Bags

I caved in a brought a messenger bag, this time made by Timbuk2. I accept that my lovely bag by Jost cannot carry everything I need for work and it is not waterproof.

This bag is a lovely Burnt Orange and while it doesn’t have as many pockets as the Jost it does have a nifty key holder to stop me fumbling around at the end of a journey. The white plastic lining allows me to see everything and will deal with any ink pen leaks which I will have at some point.

Unlike the Jost bag the Timbuk2 is comfortable across my back and shoulders. The Jost was OK but not for long journeys.

I admit that my bag collection rivals my shoe collection. I don’t have expensive bags but I believe that my bag should fit the occasion and each is different and so are my bags. I don’t understand those women who only have two, work and best. Why? But then I also don’t understand spending a mortgage payment on a designer bag. Why?

I have just read a funny essay on the dilemmas of finding and using a handbag by Nora Ephron, called ‘I hate my purse’. It’s in her book ‘I feel bad about my neck.’ ( I could write about how much I love my bags.)

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