Monday, 23 June 2008

A basket for my Brompton

The one small regret I had about my Brompton was that it didn’t have basket. I’ve always had baskets on my old bike. I got through a series of cheap wire baskets as eventually one of the attachments would snap and I have to get another. Cheap but I loved them anyway. I was resigned to being without a basket for the Brompton because although they make a small basket type carrier in basic black canvas it is ugly and overpriced for what it is. So I was delighted to discover in Velorution a quirky bike shop in Gt Titchfield St W1, that someone has made baskets for M type and S type Bromptons. Not cheap at £50 but beautifully well made. It was an instant sale.


Milady said...

Basket is great! Is it easy to get on and off the bike? or do you just tend to leave it attached? I have a brompton S type and I have the front luggage thing but stylish it is not..

Joseph said...

Very nice basket, shame about the store, I've boycotted it since the owners near racist rant:

Although there is an expat called David Hembrow who lives in the Netherlands, apparently his family trade is basket making, so I might kit out my Brompton with one of those:

Velorution said...

Funny that Velorution has the most international staff and clientele of any bicycle shop in London, and yet there is a small band of people intent on spreading slanderous comments about the owner.

Cycling in Heels said...

Dear Velorution

Thank you for your comment. As the writer of this blog I do not share the sentiments expressed in the previous comment. I checked the link and it appears to be from a bike forum and I could not find the original source in order to form my own view. The comment owner has expressed a personal view of which he is entitled and after consideration I published it. I have visited Velorution on occasion and will continue to do so. I have found the staff helpful and I have reported this in this blog. You will note I have a link to your shop. If I had found otherwise I would have stated so on this blog. I hope this makes my position clear.

Thanks for coming by.

Cycling in Heels

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous, I MUST have one now!