Wednesday, 18 June 2008

City Cyclists are scary

I have been trying out a new route to get to Seven Sisters. Instead of going by tube from North Greenwich to Seven Sisters, which involved a change at Green Park, I’ve been getting the train to London Bridge, cycling to Liverpool Street and then getting the mainline train to Seven Sisters. Going over ground is great. No crowds, plenty of seats and I get to read. The scary thing is the cycle route between London Bridge and Liverpool Street Stations.

I can deal with the traffic, it is other commuter cyclists that I have to watch. Most are fast and will even overtake on the inside if I am not careful and I am learning to keep out of the way. There are times when there is a group of us are in the bike box at traffic lights when I get the sense that some cyclists are competing with the rest of us. This is a shame as all the zipping through traffic and going through red lights is the kind of thing that gets up the noses of drivers. It is a complete contrast to a city like Amsterdam where cyclists looks out for other cyclists and using a bike is everyday mundane occurrence and not a sports event.

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