Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Finding somewhere to park the Brompton in Central London is challenging at times. It’s summer and the peak time for those who want to use their bikes. There are a number of bike parks (U bend type railings) for cyclists but there are not enough. Most of the time they are full and then I am wandering around for a sign post that is small enough to get the Arbus lock around.

Of course I know that having a Brompton means that I don’t have to lock it up any way. I can part fold and wheel the bike around various shops. I do this half the time when I not carrying a lot of stuff and I don’t have to negotiate getting upstairs. But having said that I did get the bike upstairs in HMV Oxford Street on Monday via the escalator only to discover that the down escalator was not working and I had to carry the bike. (Boy, I am strong these days.)

The free paper I found on the train up to Seven Sisters had an small article on Cycling by our new Mayor Boris. Our Mayor is determined to get Londoners to dig up their neglected bicycles and get out on to the road. Boris we need somewhere to park the things when we get off. More bike parks please!

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Elizabeth said...

yeah more bike prks. I'd love to see the ones you get in holland . big and huge.