Monday, 13 October 2008

Brompton with mud

I had to leave the Brompton behind today, and I missed it. But I said hello to two fellow Brompton owners on my travels through the West End. One was a very tall woman at London Bridge wearing a long skirt. (I wanted to know how she managed to keep the oil and dirt off.) The other I met when I arrived at court and we had quick chat while we went through security. She said that her Brompton was a bit muddy at the as she had been cycling off road at the weekend. Of course I wanted to know how sturdy the Brompton was and she said that she had done a tour across the Pennines (without her Brompton) but someone else had taken theirs and didn’t get any puncture.

On my way back I saw two more Bromptons whizzing by. Is it me or are there more Bromptons out on the streets?