Monday, 10 November 2008

May you live in interesting times

There is a proverb that says ‘May you live in interesting times’. On the one hand this appears to be a blessing and yet when you actually consider the reality of this it could be also be a curse.

This week has been very interesting in that wow this is wonderful and aarh my brain is exploding. I was very busy cycling around getting to work, working on reports, going to court. Then the World changed with the stupendous election results in the USA. The one day I didn’t use the Brompton but was happily texting and talking on my mobile on the train about the election. I was last on the bike on Friday. Tottenham is in the middle of road works replacing the water drains, that were the curse of Greenwich last year. I have been wearing boots and suede shoes this week, despite the weather. Harder to carry the bike up and down stairs in heels but doable. This weekend I have rested. Back in the car only because of the wet weather (I’m looking for that killer rain cape.) I also back drawing and making art as I’m determined to enter a piece for an open exhibition this coming weekend.

Taking the Brompton on the Northern Line to Barnet County Court

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Milady said...

I take my brompton on the tube a lot, since I'm not confident cycling around a lot of (most of!) London yet. (It's really useful for getting to and from the station out in the suburbs where it is quiet). I find I keep it in the half folded mode, with just the handlebars up, and wheel it around. works really well and you develop a real strategy on escalators so you don't take up the whole width.