Friday, 27 March 2009

No Parking

I had to go to the MAC shop just off Carnaby Street and discovered that in the 48 hours since my last trip to the shop a host of no cycle parking signs have gone up. I parked the Brompton and then looked up and saw the sign, which meant unchaining the Brompton. All the cycle racks were full and as there are so few official racks in the area it meant that I had to half fold the Brompton and wheel it into the shop.

But I was angry. It is ok for Brompton owners who can take their bikes with them but anyone else is stuffed. I am not sure if it is a cartel of the shop owners or Westminster Council who are responsible for the new policy and signs. I have noticed that there are very few places to park a bike along Oxford Street and surrounding streets. Do they not want us to shop? Fine, then I stay local or get in the car and drive to Bluewater when I have to!

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Elizabeth said...

this is very bad. thank god were dont have then in manchester.they be charging soon for parking your