Monday, 30 March 2009

Woolwich Ferry to Beckton

I took the Brompton on it’s first ferry trip today. I needed to get to Beckton for work meeting. The Ferry is free as it is the only way across the Thames at this point if you are a pedestrian or cyclist. All foot passengers have to go below but you can get a lovely view of Thames. The trip takes about 6 minutes.

The downside to using this route is dodging all the huge lorries that also use the Ferry on the roads when you get off. Fortunately there are a number of cycle paths put in place and I was out of the way of traffic on the way to the A13 and A406.

The upside is that unlike when I use my car I can predict when I will get to a destination and actually appreciate the view. Yes it was a very warm and sunny Monday. Would I be saying the same thing without the good weather?

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