Friday, 28 August 2009

Last day at work

Today was my last day at my part-time job in North London. I got the Brompton last year because the journey to work by car was taking it’s toll on me. I also had long-days when I often had to stay beyond 5pm. Having the bike really helped but after three years I am burnt out and I decided to leave.

I still have my freelance work and this means lots of journeys all across London and occasionally beyond. So the Brompton will still be used as well the Trek. Traffic is still heavy in London with ongoing road works because of the replacement of watermains so I will not be returning to full-time use of my car.

So the challenge will be if I don’t have to cycle will I still use the bike in the winter?

Photo of the contents of my Espirt bag taken by my phone.  Will I be carrying less stuff in future?

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