Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rose tinted glasses

I have been using sunglasses when cycling in the sun but the glasses from ‘Next’ are dark and it means flipping them up when the sun goes in so I can see better. There are also low light but windy days where it would help to have some form of eye protection but not a dark shade. I looked at the sport type sun visors while in Compton bike shop but they were a lot of money and I wasn’t convinced that they were any better than ordinary sun glasses. But I found these cheap and cheerful sunglasses by Foster Grant in the supermarket. A fraction of the price and full UVA protection. I now see the World in pink.

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angelfeet said...

Just found your blog (although my very short attention span means I cannot remember where I linked from to get here.) I've enjoyed what I've read so far and was interested to hear how useful your found the bikeability training - I'm considering doing a course, being an essentially adult novice biker. It's great hearing about the shoes too!