Friday, 9 October 2009

Camper boots

I am very happy with my recent boot and shoe purchases but that doesn’t stop me from looking at shoes and boots and thinking about the next pair. I am wearing my M&S black leather boots so much they will wear out by December.

I tried on these boots by Camper and they are called Helena. I like Camper shoes. I have always wanted a pair of Camper shoes. I have tried on many pairs over the years but I haven’t made that first purchase.


They are beautifully made and well designed shoes but I think the styles look better on small feet. I don’t have small feet. They always have my size, but their shoes don’t look as nice in my size on my feet. Well, that’s my theory.

These boots are ok but I didn’t get a thrill. They would have to be very cheap before I got them and Camper shoes are not cheap.

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