Saturday, 17 October 2009

It's getting colder and darker

I can’t deny it any longer, autumn is here. How do I know this? 1 The large range of coloured tights that has appeared in H&M. 2 I went out to get groceries on the Trek at 3.30 pm when it was daylight but had to get out the lights at 6 pm to get home.

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Mike B said...

Yes, the weather is changing and it is a bit of a shock to the system but don't let it deter you from riding. It's all about dressing for the times and doing in it style.
I am sure you will rise to the challenge. For me it's all about layers,sandwiching the body heat in and keeping the cold wind out.
Like you, I avoid the lycra look but some of the fabrics are so efficient that I will probably hide it under another layer.
Keep pedalling.