Saturday, 7 November 2009

Cycling in the rain and the dark

I got wet last night getting home from a visit at Lewisham Hospital. I forgot to check the BBC weather site or the Yahoo weather report on my iPhone so I didn’t realise it was going to rain. I am a wimp when it comes to rain and I would have considered driving except that it is impossible to get parking space at the hospital and the surrounding area. If you manage to get a space it is also expensive. But at least there is parking for cars. There are no cycle racks for visitors at the hospital but I have seen hospital staff take their bikes (including a red Brompton) into the hospital. I had to lock the Brompton to the railing near the entrance. (I feel a letter of complaint coming on.)

If I had known it was going to rain I would have taken my big yellow rain cape. I wasn’t keen on cycling in the dark in the rain with Friday night traffic but it was ok. I did have lights, my reflector Sam Brown belt, reflector ankle strap and orange hat by Fred Bare. Still in the rain I would have preferred the cape.

Once again I have nothing but praise for my M&S suede boots which repelled the rain and kept me warm and dry all the way home.


Milady said...

Definitely complain to the hospital. They do make it harder and harder for people to take cars to hospitals, (and expensive too!) but then don't seem to furnish other means of getting there (other than ambulances!). Lots of bike parking would probably be very welcome! (lots of decent, security-minded bike parking.. not tucked down a dark alley somewhere!)

Suede Shoe said...

I have seen a lot signs referring to the Hospital Charter, but I have yet to see who or where you contact if you want to give a view on services.

Anonymous said...

This is probably an issue worth petitioning about (alt. raising with CTC or even better the LCC).

Extortionate parking rates at hospitals, are already something of an issue - particularly in Edinburgh. In London, this could very likely be fought due to:
1. The already car congested city
2. War against exhorbitant parking prices
3. The recent rise in cyclists
4. BoJo's intentions to improve cycling facilities
5. Same as 4 BUT the planned Public Cycle Scheme

Get a counsellor on the case, and I am sure they would jump all over it, esp with them still smarting from all their negative publicity.

Here are some links, just in case:

London Cycle Campaign (LCC):


Write To Them:

They Work for you:

Suede Shoe said...

Thanks for the advice and the links. I had discovered that the same problem exists at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Greenwich.