Friday, 4 December 2009

Finsbury Park Cycle Park


I had an appointment in Crouch End and I took the Brompton on the train to Finsbury Park tube station and then cycled the rest of the way up Crouch Hill into Haringey. I found a large Cycle Park just outside the station across the road. You can’t miss the giant stainless steel sign of a bicycle. (Subtle and obvious.) This park is run by Transport for London and has an attendant during the week. The cost of parking is nothing compared to what it would cost to park a car outside a station (50p for 24 hours). Sadly cycle parking outside stations is bit like a ‘lucky dip bag’ you don’t know what you will find until you get there and you may get lucky or not. There are a couple bike stands outside my own station but I would never leave my bike (Brompton or Trek) as it isn’t secure enough.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it is impressive how many facilities are springing up for cyclists in London, albeit privately (the politicians ideal situation since they become accountable for nothing bar the odd popularist half-hearted gesture when they reach their critical mass).

On yer bike has a secure cycle parking system, they are based on Tooley Street near London bridge (tube) and cost £1.50 daily.

Another step in the right direction. What do you think the impact of the public cycling scheme shall be? Do you reckon that this could be the long awaited tipping point for us to reach 'critical mass'?