Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow & the Brompton

The video is of the moment snow hit at midnight on Friday in South London. By morning we had the usual transport meltdown. Trains were running late, cars sliding in the slush, long cues at the bus stops. I had an appointment at Liverpool Street at 2.30 pm and I needed to carry four files of papers. At first I planned to use the Trek, because of the ice on the road, go to the railway station and then cycle from London Bridge. But as I said the trains were running very late. So I got out the Brompton and the large pannier I rarely use but it was perfect. I was able to get to the Dockland Light Railway which was working and make my way into town and back. No problems cycling on the slush and ice or cycling with a very heavy load in poor weather. It started snowing again as I was on my way back to Bond Street tube station. In poor weather I am always grateful for a folding bike.

Shame the snow came a week early. I bet we have a sunny Christmas day.

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