Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year Shoe Sales

Apart from two very wet days last week I have been on the Brompton and Trek cycling around my little corner of the World. I am stunned by the large number of pot holes which spring up after a little bad weather. Both bikes are holding up very well in the cold but need a clean. Advice. Clean your bike when there is only a little bit of dirt on it so it is just a wipe down.

I have of course been to a few sales, but not seen any thing worth grabbing or in my size. (Missed out on a lovely pair of mustard coloured t-bar shoes in Next.) The sales start very early these days so really I should have looked before Christmas. But I want real bargains so I have waited until now. I have enough shoes so I don’t mind if I don’t get anything this time around. Advice. Be prepared to walk away with nothing.

I saw these quirky animal print ankle boots in M&S before Christmas so I will be going to see if there any on sale.

PS: Happy New Year!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Never mind the pot holes - watch out for the lateral frost cracks - long lines like mini earthquakes. I saw a lot of these yesterday on main roads. All those roadworks are going to start coming apart at the seams.

Christa said...

Cool shoes!