Thursday, 25 March 2010

Cycling is good medicine

Life has been ‘topsy turvy’ for the past couple weeks but I have still been on the Brompton and the Trek. In fact cycling has been one of the nicest things to do and I feel better after a trip on the bike.


hawthorn said...

I agree.
I've not ridden for a while, my mountain bike languishes in the garage. This weekend I am getting a second hand pashley - I am so so looking forward to getting out again.

Joseph said...

That is true, that Cycling (walking, or other forms of exercise) are great mood lifters.

I have found that a nice long walk (8 miles) can help me sort things out, and because I love cycling with the Brompton, that cheers me up.

London is a beautiful place, I recommend you take a long cycle at night (between 11pm - 6am) around the city centre. It is always a inspiring site to see the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben lit up in the wee hours of the morning, and to have few if anybody else there.

Of course, be vigilant.

Lorenza said...

Very true indeed! x