Friday, 2 April 2010

Camper Shoes

I have finally brought a pair of Camper Shoes. I have admired Camper shoes for a long time but never found a pair that I liked enough to buy. I think the designs are cute but don’t often translate well on larger sizes.

These are from the Danae series and have a lovely check print lining and a rose carved into the sole. Camper is known for attention to little details. These are one of the most comfortable heels I have put on. The moulded sole and heel is soft and light. I did a walking test with them and I was fine for four hours. I had a 40 minute rest and then I was good to go again.

I did a test run on the Trek and no problem and I can’t wait to try them with the Brompton, but we have more rain coming over the next few days.


Joseph said...

Hurrah, I can finally comment on on of your fashion posts ;)

As an aside, they do look very fetching. I like shoes with a bit of a heel, I find them to be a safe alternative to those dreadful clips that racers expect everyone to attach to their pedals, regardless of bike type.

Less chance of the shoe slipping off (seldom happens) and you do get a bit of extra grip when pushing ahead on the pedal.

Lorenza said...

ahhh Camper! I have coveted a pair for ages! I find myself going in and out of the shop in Manchester, but not got one yet... I am in super-save mode at them moment so I better stay well clear of the Camper shop ;) I'll just admire yours instead! Hope you get some sunshine too, here's been far too miserable for being April! x

sheffield cycle chic said...

I used to have a pair of Camper Mary Jane's. They were very comfy, but usually I find Camper shoes are too wide for my feet :-(

She Rides a Bike said...

I'm not familiar with this brand but these are lovely and look comfortable at the same time.