Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cheap lights

I picked up these lights for £5.99 in Clas Ohlson in Croydon a couple weeks ago. Clas Ohlson is a Swedish company that sells everything for your home and life. The stuff that Ikea doesn’t sell is the best way of describing them.

I got the lights because now that the weather is changing I tend to forget to carry lights and these are small and light enough to just carry around in the Timbuk2 bag.

The downside is that they use two batteries each and the cost of the batteries is £4.99 for two. So do I just buy another set of lights or do I get replacement batteries when they run out?


wee folding bike said...

Check your legal status. I'd be impressed if a PC knew the rules on cycle lights but a smart lawyer might.

Miguel said...

You're much better off getting a decent pair of LED bike lights from PlanetBike or similar at minimum. They use standard batteries so you can get a couple of sets of rechargeables and not depend on the mfr and be good to the environment.

Luke said...

Go to eBay. You can buy a multi-pack of these lights for next to nothing.

I tend to use these lights in addition to my other lights on my bike. Even with the longer evenings and less darkness I still prefer to have both sets of lights with me & on my brompton.

I love your blog by the way, especially your recent comments about Newham as I work as a junior town planner in the Borough.

I purchased a racing green Brompton 3 speed from a mate last September & have added a brooks saddle & grips and some leather mudflaps. My most recent addition has been the conversion of an old leather school satchel purchased on eBay for a tenner, with a built in s-bag frame which fits directly to the front of my Brompton, very similar to the new Brompton A-bag but at a fraction of the cost (c.£35!).

Love the blog and look forward to reading more of your future exploits on the Brompton.