Saturday, 5 June 2010

More stuff on security

Apart from a very wet Tuesday we have had brilliant weather this week. Too hot to speed around on the Brompton so I have been slowly pedalling on the Trek bike and keeping cool.

I tested the Bike Park at London Bridge Station, (see photo above).  It has signs saying that the bikes are monitored and cameras but I wasn’t that confident. The bikes are mainly secured on those flimsy floor racks. London Bridge is in the process of renovating the station and my guess is that the Bike Park is a temporary fixture and the hopefully the new one will in place soon.  The bike was still there when I came back after a couple hours.

I often go to the Angel, Islington and this is a hot spot for cyclists of all types. The citizens of Islington love their bikes which is great considering how well served they are by public transport. Yesterday the Police were out offering a free etching and registering service for all bikes. Unfortunately the Trek was at London Bridge and the Brompton at home. I was given a leaflet telling me how to register my bikes online. My Brompton is registered at the Brompton site but I am not sure if the bike was stolen and then found if the Police would go to Brompton to trace me.

The website where you can register your bike in the UK is the UK National Property Register at   But I hope that I never have to use this service.


wee folding bike said...

Too hot to cycle?

Hot is the best time to cycle fast. You just have to wear less. I've been wearing Craghopper Kiwi zip offs this week. This means I can get out of work much faster because I just have to unzip the leg bits to turn them into shorts.

I have been using my S2L-X Superlight this week apart from Monday night when I took the S6L to see Pandora and the Flying Dutchman at the cinema. I had been going to use the M6R with the generator lights but the front brake needs cleaned and lubed so I put the S bag onto the other bike. The S2L-X doesn't have a luggage block.

Cycling in Heels said...

Sounds like you're having fun. I am worn out just reading about your bike switching. I prefer to ride at sunset until I get used to the heat and it doesn't set until 9.40pm.

(Always liked that James Mason film.)

Joseph said...

I'm torn between the 2: I know that sun and cycling ought to blend together like mint and new potatoes; unfortunately the life-giving force works best with me at dusk, or behind a comfortable blanket of cloud.

I have been indoors for most of the day, chiefly waiting for things to moderate. I think I will now go out for a pootle. Although this summer, I plan to be prepared and unabated by the intensity of nature, in addition to my heavy arsenal of antihistamines, I plan to invest in a hat!

Not many men wear them unceremoniously nowadays, excluding those godforsaken baseball caps, hoodies, and beanies, and those that do usually look like wannabe eccentrics. Therefore, it will be 'tough work' walking the fine line between doltitude and sartorial aptitude, but hey one can't help being a maverick ;)

wee folding bike said...

I don't like sitting in the Sun but cycling in it is fine. Watch out for the sun though, the moving air keeps you cool and you don't notice it. This afternoon I was sitting with a MacBook in the boys' climbing frame which has a roof on the top platform and gives some shade.

The M6R brake didn't need greased, just a new cable. I keep a stash of Brompton cables and other bits.

I sometimes use old fashioned skipped cycling caps. The skip keeps the sun and rain out of your eyes.

Gareth said...

Did you end up getting your bike etched by the Police in the end? it was be interesting to know if these Police 'stalls' are pre-advertised in order to take your bike along to be etched (subject to the etching not comprising huge digits plastered over the paintwork..)

Cycling in Heels said...

No. I arrived as they were packing away. I have tried to find out whether there was a list of where you could go but I couldn't find one. I think it is a local event and there is no London or National co-ordination of this etching service. In short I think we have to go to the Police service in our respective areas and ask them if and when they will be doing this next.

Gareth said...

As an aside, I have recently found out that some Local Authorities (eg Lewisham) subsidise places on Brompton Maintenance Courses which are run by Cycle Training UK. They are day long courses where you take your own bike along and are taught the basics of keeping your bike in shape.

Anonymous said...

I registered my Brompton also on the website. But I doubt if the Police would go to Brompton to trace me. I'll never let him alone, and when I go to the bakery I let him parked on the door, so I can take an eye on it.