Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pedicure , potholes and Peckham

It is Bike Week this week and it finishes this Sunday 27th June. I am not really sure who decided to have Bike Week or what the purpose is, but there are various bike events going on around the UK. I am not taking part because I already cycle and the best way to promote cycling is to just do it and in style. Hence the pedicure and strappy Gap sandals which go well with the Brompton. I had to get to an early meeting in Peckham this morning. It is nice to see cyclists in shorts, flip flops and sandals while the hot weather lasts in London. I was enjoying a speedy ride in the sun but then I had to slow down because there were so many little potholes. Time to pump up the wheels.

I am also not taking part in any bike event because I have been spending time gardening early in the morning and after work. It is the last week to get my tomatoes and sweet corn into the ground.


Leslie said...

Yes, time to pump up the tyres! What a difference this makes on a Brompton - and what a rash of new potholes there is to crash into after the winter. Me and my (also black) Brompton are out and about from Hackney, also enjoying the glorious weather. Our feet don't look as good though. Bike week? bike year!

wee folding bike said...

You can report holes here:

and the council might do something. I told them about a stank* lid 4 yrs ago and it's still not been mended.

Poor road condition is a good reason to ride well out into the road.

*That drain cover in your photo is a stank lid.

LC said...

I find potholes so frustrating too! Could forgo cycle lanes completely if the Council would put more effort in maintaining our roads :(

Love the sandals! I have been cycling with sandals too and it's so nice to feel the breeze through the skin!! I am keeping my fingers crossed this lovely weather continues.

We were 'saying' (with other cyclist bloggers) the Bike to Work Week seems to have been advertised to people who already cycle and appreciate the benefits of leaving their car behind! doh!

Cycling in Heels said...

My sympathy for being a cyclist in Hackney. The biggest potholes I have seen in London have been in this borough. But you have some lovely parks.

I don’t think reporting them will do anything at the moment because of the ongoing road works caused by Thames Water pipe replacement work.

I agree about the advertising. I heard about National Bike Week through the London Cycling Campaign but I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Joseph said...

And don't forget to keep a minimum of 12 inches from the curb - some recommend 1 metre.

Cycling in Heels said...

I remember the advice on keeping a good distance from the curb from my cycle training. It is a shame that some drivers don't understand the need for cyclists to do this.