Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sandals by GAP

Although I have been writing about these lovelies I haven’t done a specific post about them.

These strappy sandals have been a delight to cycle in during the hot weather. The double straps hold the sole securely around the ankle and prevents slippage which can be a problem with some sandals. An alternative would be getting a gladiator type sandal which has more straps and can be even more secure, but I prefer to have more of the foot getting fresh air.

GAP had a range of these sandals at the beginning of the season at £20 each. I got one in black and ended up getting a second pair in dark brown when I got a 20 per cent discount voucher. I have been using both of them depending on my outfit.


Leslie said...

Can't quite decide whether discovering favourite things is a blessing or a curse. Even two pairs wear out (and tastes - and weather - change). I have a (small) wardrobe of favourite things mostly still unworn, foolishly hoping this way to 'preserve' them against entropy. So I actually wear old clothes, and keep the new for some imagined future special occasion. Sadly, I think this might be called 'hoarding' (or merely chronic prevarication). And I'm a guy!

Cycling in Heels said...

I understand the dilemma and the wish to hang on. But I am trying to see that if I enjoy using my stuff and then I loose an item through age, I tell myself that I really enjoyed this for a time and now it is time to find something new that I will love just as much or even more.

Well that is what I tell myself but acting on it is hard.

Joseph said...

Here here! My philosophy on these matters are to adopt the mantra: 'few but good'. I have (and am still) expunging my collection of those hapless (and impulse bought) possessions, but concentrating on the few things that do actually count.

The Brompton was twice the price of what I had originally intended to buy, but every second of it has been worth it. My second favourite bike was a 1960's Raleigh which cost me £10, unfortunately some lowlife decided to vandalise it. I regret not using it more often; it is interesting to note however that it cost me more per mile than my £650 Brompton!

Nancy said...
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