Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Brompton, too hot to carry the lock

I usually carry my heavy D lock in my messenger bag but with the recent heat this extra weight has been a little too much. I have finally worked out how to strap the lock to the rack so that I can whiz around without the rattle and the fear of it falling off.


Graham Ashton said...

Nice idea. I wonder if it'd be worth passing the bungees inside the main U of the lock, so that the lock can't swivel in the event that the bungee (where it's looped around the "stock") should somehow pop off the end of the "stock" (I'm misappropriating "stock" here; hope you know what I mean...).


Joseph said...

What is the longest you would feel comfortable leaving your Brompton locked outside, say at Leicester Square, with that lock.

Completely subjective, I understand, but nonetheless helpful.

Cycling in Heels said...

During daylight about 2 hours or the length of a film. Maybe a little longer for Leicester Square because it is a busy area.