Monday, 23 August 2010

Converse high top plimsoles

I had completely forgotten I had these shoes. I got them in 2006 just before I went on holiday to New York. They are shoes that are good for the transition from summer to autumn, when it’s not hot enough for open toe sandals and not cold enough for shoes or boots. Although there are still a lot of Converse shoes around I have only recently seen full colour ones in black and mine are dark chocolate.

They are comfortable when riding the Brompton despite the fact there is no heel. Converse still have the non-slip soles that were needed for sports and games.

They are not cheap but they are a good unisex classic. I plan on keeping these. Office Shoes stores seems to have a good range of colours.


Sharon said...

Hi, Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your cycling blog. I am a novice in relation to you, having just got back on a bike after about 15 years! Keep up the encouraging good work,


PS I tried cycling in heels for first time yesterday...

Cycling in Heels said...

Well done. For the first three months I was saddle sore and tired but it has been worth it. Just keep going.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for info about Brompton bikes and I found this blog. I love it! I am into bicycles and shoes, and timbuk2 and yoga too! Amazing.
Cheers from Italy :)


Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Edith

Thank you and glad you like the blog!

Kate said...

It's amazing how Converse high tops have really stood the test of time!