Friday, 24 September 2010

Folding bag for a folding bike.

I have been cycling around London with two bags because I have been shopping. The bag hanging from the handle bar is a folding shoulder bag by Muji. When folded it goes into a pouch which I pop into my main bag. In the photo above the bag is carrying a pair of ankle boots which I got from Office this week. I am not keeping them because they are too big. I find it easy to sling both bags over my back when changing trains but when I am cycling I strap the Timbuk 2 bag on the rack and carry the Muji bag on my back.


J said...

Sounds convenient. I have found the Brompton 'folding' basket to be the best choice for me: I can use it for shopping, or to carry larger bags (say my bulky holdall and laptop bag) when needed.

I don't like carrying much weight on my back, the weight is more pronounced, the swaying bag distracts, it thereby slows me down, and on more gruelling rides: on my clothes it shows.

I am *still* considering the C-bag for day to day stuff, but to be honest I don't like the look of it: dull, generic, and branded - I don't like logos, let alone prominent ones, on my clothing, tools, and accessories, and when there is a collection of identical ones, it looks a tad uninspired.

Cycling in Heels said...

Thanks for reminding me about the 'folding basket'. I had forgotten about it and I wonder if they are still around. I wouldn't carry a heavy bag on my back for a long distance ride either. I agree about the logo thing, very offputting.

Leslie said...

I have the Brompton S-bag. It is very good, and the logo is only stitched on, so easily comes off. It carries a lot and the bike takes all the weight. I imagine the larger C-bag is even more useful.

Tomer said...

I enjoy the s bag but it takes some time when you're folding the bike in a hurry and I'm in a hurry a lot.
Usually when I'm in a hurry I tend to bump the hinge clamp bolt getting of or on the bus/train.
And it's really annoying – I try to watch out when I go through narrow spaces but sometimes I hear a bang and I know I did it again.
I hope it's strong enough to take it.