Sunday, 10 October 2010

New winter boots

My M&S boots are now worn out. They lasted the year and I worn them constantly when out cycling, particularly when we had bad weather. I caught one of the ankle straps on the Brompton a few months ago which ripped it away from the seam and I have had to stick it back ever since. It lasts for a little time but then I have to re-stick it. The soft rubber sole meant that I could not get the shoe re-heeled. So I began the search for a replacement. Not easy this year despite the huge range of boots out there.

After a false start I have now brought these boots from Office. They are very close in style to my old boots and just as comfortable and weatherproof. I have used them on the Brompton and the Trek, particularly in the rain we have had recently.


Traci said...

Hi from the US (Atlanta)! Love the boots - it's just now beginning to get cool enough for boots here. I wore boots biking for the first time a few days ago, even though it was a bit warm by the afternoon. We have odd Autumn weather in the Southern US states - very cool in the mornings and evenings, then almost summer temperatures by midday.

Cycling in Heels said...

We have also got the same kind of weather this week in London, but it is now a little too cold for me to wear sandals, and I want the flat comfort of my boots rather than shoes.