Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Blow out on the Brompton

I got my first burst tyre on the Brompton on Christmas Day of all days. I went for my usual Christmas bike run taken first thing in the morning to offset the feeding frenzy of the day. It was very cold and still icy in the park so I stuck to the main road. In truth I did have the sense that the rear tyre was suddenly not a firm as when I had started, and I made a mental note to pump up tyres. On the second leg of my journey I heard a balloon like pop and knew it was the tyre so I immediately jumped off to stop any wheel rim damage.

The first time I get a flat tyre is on the one day of the year there is no public transport anywhere in London! Any other day I could have used my trusty Oyster travel card and got back to where I was staying. So I had a 45 minute walk back in the freezing cold.

Hopefully I can get to the bike shop either today or tomorrow. Some shops were closed due to the extra Bank Holidays we have this year.

I am still surprised about getting a puncture. Never happened before and I have cycled over some very dodgy roads in London for nearly three years.


cycling on brompton said...

Sorry to hear you had a puncture .
I didn’t understand if the inner tube has punctured or the tyre break?


wee folding bike said...

An excellent time to learn how to mend a tyre. Then carry the required kit with you so you don't have a problem again.

It's not that difficult and you can get special tyre levers from Var and others to assist those with "Lady's hands".

I've never had a puncture on a Marathon Plus but I still carry the kit for mending one.

J said...

So this is your first puncture in 3 years!?! If so, you are a very lucky person. I had my first after 6 months and once they started they couldn't stop. Now I expect a puncture every 2 to 3 months (430 - 750ish miles)

It may just be a one-off penetration, but this could also be a sign that your tyre needs replacing, there was a time my back tyre started having frequent punctures, stopped after I got a new one from

I hope you get it sorted out soon though, and sorry you had to walk 45 minutes in this weather :(

Milady said...

I was utterly shocked when I got my first one! And had no idea what to really do about it! Luckily I was in Cambridge and they do have lots of walk-in repair places.

Cycling in Heels said...

Thanks for the kind words and advice. I have had to replace the tyre and it is one by Marathon. I have previously only had the Brompton tyres. One of the things I will do this year will be to (re)learn how to repair and change a tyre. But I have been very lucky to have come this far without having to worry about a flat.

wee folding bike said...

Marathon is a good choice if you want to avoid flats. It's made by Schwalbe, Marathon is the model. For the Brompton they also do the light weight slick Kojak and the Marathon Plus.

The Marathon Plus is tougher than the Marathon at the cost of weight and rolling resistance. Bikes which I need to use over the winter have Marathon or Marathon Plus tyres on them.

Pretty much all you need to know is here:

Cycling in Heels said...

Thank you Wee Folding Bike. I have just read the Sheldon Brown page and the information on how to remove the wheel and tyre is really helpful. I am going to look at the related article on tyre pressures.