Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's winter

It’s snowing again! And once again the country is undercover of lots of snow and complaints about how terrible everything is. (We love to complain about the weather). Only a few weeks ago it was very warm. Some of the bulbs I had planted in October were beginning to push through having been fooled by the higher than average temperature for early November. Now we are told we have just had the coldest temperatures since records began.

There is snow in my area but in central London it is clear. Very few trains running in the South East. I was in central London yesterday and there were a high number of Brompton users and I wished I had mine when I found out there were no trains I could get home.. I got the Brompton out today and wheeled it down to the main road which is clear and pedalled off to the Dockland Light Railway which is running as are all the underground trains.

I am off to Brent tomorrow and I will be wrapping up and wearing my sturdy boots from Office. I have got my eye on some shiny black wellingtons but not sure if I can manage being on the bike with them.

(Sorry for being so quiet. Some nerve damage in the fingers of my right hand slowed me down last month.)


J said...

Glad to see you back in fine form. This winter ought to be interesting, it could be the third time we experience this 'climatic anomaly' so lets see if the councils and public-transport companies are prepared.

One thing I am starting to wish is that somebody starts making snow/ice tyres for the Brompton, as those are very likely to be needed.

cyclingonbrompton said...

in israel we have 28 c .
i wish it would rain some.
good to hear from you again.
keep on pedaling


Hawthorn said...

welcome back :)

Cycling in Heels said...

Thank you.

There has been more snow overnight and it has started snowing again. I am going to get out my big yellow cape.

I agree with you J about the tyres. Sharon, wish I had your weather so that I can cycle in sandals again.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to have you back :) it's snowed here in Manchester too. Council is has prepared (or unprepared) as last year, but I think drivers are a tad better (minus few) as they've all experienced it before. I am yet to cycle from home to town, bit of trepidation at the thought of cars losing control or skidding. Ice/snow itself is less scary than drivers ;)

Happy snowy cycling!

Gareth said...

Hope the finger is healing up. Stranded in South East London here with no hope of using South Eastern trains to get to Kent for work. It seems possible to get into London though.
Re~ Wellington boots- I have known people cycle daily with them.