Monday, 28 March 2011

My shoes were recognised!

This evening I was wheeling the Brompton past Oxford Circus tube station when I was recognised. Well not me, my Camper shoes. I was stopped by A who is a reader of this blog because he remembered seeing my shoes on a previous blog post.

It was lovely to meet you A and I so enjoyed our chat. I will be looking out for your Racing Green Brompton with the leather saddle in South London.

NB: I am not an illustrator but thanks for the compliment.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Elegant but painful

I tried these on but only to discover how painful they were. The size was right but they were not made of leather and consequently difficult to wear because of the ‘lack of give’ in the shoe.

I did not buy and they will not be on my ‘shoe watch list’. I do like how they look though.

Shoes by New Look

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Good idea but..

I caught sight of these tags while in Angel, Islington recently. At first I thought how helpful to remind us to take care when we alongside large vehicles. But then I thought, why it is always down to the cyclist to take full responsibility for road safety and where are the tags that can go on the door handles of lorries and white vans! I know enough not to take risks going down the side of a large vehicles at the lights just before a left turn but I cannot stop the driver of a large vehicle who comes from behind at speed and then decides to turn or just wants to overtake at a narrow point because they think waiting 10 seconds for a a safer space or for me to pass the junction is too long.

Just don’t get me started.

The tags are by Transport for London TFL and they have produced advice and a little video for cyclists on lorry blind spots.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Shoe Boots by Office

I just had to try these on when I saw them. They are by Office and are suede! My eye was immediately drawn to the soft grey, but they are not very practical for cycling. I can see them getting scuffed by pedalling on the first trip. But they also come in a dark blue, tan and black.

Shoes to think about for when the sales come around.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Missed the last train home.

I usually drive when I go out at night and of course this means no alcohol. Last Friday I took the Brompton to Walthamstow for a girls night in. I also couldn’t take the car because one of the Blackwall Tunnel links closes after 9pm which means no south bound traffic until morning when it reopens.

I had such a good time on my one large glass of wine that I missed the last rail train from London Bridge back to Greenwich. I admit I was a little wobbly cycling back to the to Walthamstow Centre tube station. I had to catch the underground train all the way back to North Greenwich. For once the Jubilee Line was open. In my head I was talking to our Mayor Boris Johnson and asking why we still don’t have a 24 hours underground service in London at the weekends and what will happen when the 2012 Olympics opens

I got the last tube south and then it took me nearly an hour to cycle home. I haven’t been night cycling since last summer.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Look Mum No Hands

I finally got to the bike cafe ‘Look Mum No Hands’. It is is a cafe and bike workshop on Old Street, EC1. Officially it is in Islington but I think it is right on the boundaries of Hackney, City and the Barbican areas.

I stopped by after my appointment for a hot chocolate. The place was busy but not packed. I brought the Brompton in with me but there is a bike park outside. There is an area in the corner which is the bike workshop and a woman was working on a bike. The booking system information is on the website, but my impression is in a fix you could ask for help and tools if you know what you are doing.

The cafe has free wi-fi so a number of people were working on their lap tops and a couple informal work meetings were taking place. As I was leaving at around 5.30pm it started to get busy with the after work crowd.

Not sure about the food. I had to wait a long time for a luke warm hot chocolate and an overheated mini olive ciabatta roll which was chewy. But the staff are very friendly. I will go again when I am hungry and give the menu another try. The idea of a cafe and bike workshop is a good one to raise the profile of cycling and as an alternative to the Starbucks and Costa chains. I would love for one to open up in Greenwich.