Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Good idea but..

I caught sight of these tags while in Angel, Islington recently. At first I thought how helpful to remind us to take care when we alongside large vehicles. But then I thought, why it is always down to the cyclist to take full responsibility for road safety and where are the tags that can go on the door handles of lorries and white vans! I know enough not to take risks going down the side of a large vehicles at the lights just before a left turn but I cannot stop the driver of a large vehicle who comes from behind at speed and then decides to turn or just wants to overtake at a narrow point because they think waiting 10 seconds for a a safer space or for me to pass the junction is too long.

Just don’t get me started.

The tags are by Transport for London TFL and they have produced advice and a little video for cyclists on lorry blind spots.


Leslie said...

You're right, it takes two to create these problems, but the cyclist is by far the most vulnerable party, so it makes sense to ride defensively - even though it's maddening to have to do the driver's job too! Be cool, be safe.

becksldrt said...

you're totally right - a driver of a white van overtook me, cut across my path and then drove off, leaving me with a wrist smashed into 8 pieces. i know how to cycle safely, but faced with behaviour like that cyclists have no chance : (

Cycling in Heels said...

Really sorry to hear this and your story is what I am also afraid may happen to me. Hope that you are now ok! :(

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

it is time to have more cycle lane

Leslie said...

Sorry to hear your story, becksldrt, hope the wrist is healed now. I did shoulder and hip, but muscle damage not breaks. Still feel them though, more than year later. Let's all enjoy the sunshine but still keep one eye on the danger.

J said...

I agree with you completely, it is too easy to defend the 'big' guy rather than the more vulnerable, and sadly that's the option taken.

Perhaps there ought to be more checks on the quality of these HGVs and their drivers better yet that and limits on when and where they can go in our city.

Till then, to badly quote the words of that dictator: 'If you find yourself being shot, it will be entirely your own fault.'