Monday, 16 May 2011

Blogger has still got problems with blogs and comments

From what I can see anyone who posted a comment or wanted to post a comment on a blog after Wednesday 11th May has not been able to or the comment has been removed.

The information Blogger has given to us is it that they are in the process of putting back the missing comments.

At this point I can only hope that my posts are still all there but apart from a couple posts I have all my work backed up on my MacJournal where I write them and then send them to Blogger. Unfortunately I don’t have access to Comments and if any are lost by Blogger they are gone for good.

I am also having trouble getting in an out of my blog but this could also be a problem with Firefox which I upgraded this week and seems a bit buggy.

Update:  Monday 16th at 18.34hrs.  Comments are working again but I think some have been lost.  

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