Friday, 26 August 2011

August Break day 26 - Funny weather

The Brompton is now running very smoothly after it’s service but I’ve only been able to use my Brompton once this week due to the funny weather. It has been raining very hard with pockets of bright sun.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I had to leave my Brompton at home because of the bad weather. Rainshowers and strong wind.
Walter (Nimeus)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I took my Brompton for a service, I was initially reluctant because it worked (and very well too) plus I knew that it would cost a bit.

Well, t looks like I forgot how smoothly a Brompton can run. It now involves minimal effort to propel myself across Londons fine streets, the bike is smooth and quiet, and i no longer feel its screaming abuse at me for being a cheapskate. I will now get my bike serviced every year (I do roughly 6-8000+ miles a year.)

My bike only went through a cheap service after a year and a half of unserviced use and I found that whilst it cost me £25, nothing was done that I didn't do regularly, so it was a waste of money. Therefore, after a while, I bit the bullet and took it to another bike shop (Phoenix Cycles in Battersea), it cost me about £130 for both service and replacement of quite a few worn parts, but the difference is very much noticable. Worth every penny.


Cycling in Heels said...

Glad to hear everything is now ok even if your wallet is a lot lighter.