Friday, 21 October 2011

Cycling in boots again

I am back on the Brompton but only using it once a week at the moment. The weather has taken a sharp turn towards cold and I felt the need to get out the boots and my gloves. The first weekend in October gave us the hottest weather in records and now the frost has arrived, and the daylight hours are dwindling away. (Sigh) Last night I was surprised to see a few cyclists still not using lights. I wonder if they are in denial that we really are in Autumn.

Another reason for getting out the boots and ensuring the Brompton tyres are pumped up is the road works are at a peak going through the City of London at the moment. Lots of pot holes and uneven surfaces. I think it is the rush to get road works done in time for the Olympics next year.

My boots that I got last year from Office are holding up very well and I don’t see the need to get a new pair. They are still a comfortable ride and give a good grip on the pedals. I saw another Brompton user just outside Liverpool Street Station and noticed that she was wearing trainers. I have only cycled once with my trainers and I found it I could not get a feel for the pedal because of the padded sole and lack of flexibility which is similar to wearing clogs. Speaking of summer shoes, they now have to go into storage. (Sigh)


Urbanist Chic said...

Love the blog! Road in boots yesterday (suede, knee-length gray flats) and no one would ever tell I road a bike once I got to my destination 5 miles later.

Cycling in Heels said...

Thank you for reading.

Those boots sound lovely and just right for autumn.

Anonymous said...

Love cycling in boots!