Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pink scarf, blue gloves and grey coat

It is cold, but not too cold to cycle. I have to wrap up to keep warm, but considering this time last year when we were buried in snow this weather is still mild.
 I have been taking the Brompton on the underground again and noticing how helpful or unhelpful some transport staff can be when it comes to getting through the gates with the bike. I always get through but some staff make you wait while they will continue a discussion with another colleague or another passenger, then they make a point of stopping to carefully read the ticket. I remain polite because most staff are helpful most of the time and I think that creating a fuss will only make it harder the next time I have to get through or for another Brompton owner. But given how often the gate staff have to stop to sort out faulty tickets, give directions or just let through luggage, prams and bikes, I can’t see how we are going to manage next summer when we have the Olympics.


Leslie said...

Welcome back; hope all's well now. Despite the weather and the Underground, enjoy the season!

cycling on brompton said...


great to see that you'r up and about.
I have the same problem with train staff - I thought only Israeli train staff has this attitude problem.
Here i am required to fold the bike at the entrance to the train station. and to cover it up as well - so i use the Brompton cover.
It's a real nuisance ,but some transport staff let me pass without covering the bike.
Anyway, maintaining a good relationship with the train staff is quite important.