Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring has sprung

It has been warm enough to bare my ankles, so I got out my clogs and peddled off to evening class. These clogs just slip off the pedals of the Trek but are fine with the Brompton pedals.

The road works in the City just feels never ending. As soon as one stretch of road (ie Broadgate ) reopens another (ie Cannon Street) is dug up. I have kept the Brompton tires pumped up and so far no problems with all the grit I have had to ride over.

I saw these pumps in Marks & Spencer. I am gradually beginning to change my mind about ballet flats. I have them but not ‘mad keen’ on them. But occasionally I see nice ones. I tried on these blue suede ones with thick black tights and they worked for me. Didn’t buy them. Just thinking about them.


Anonymous said...

At last I, as a male, can identify with one of your shoe posts! I recently bought some plundered from Primark in anticipation of quick release minimalist summer fun. Every day since, it had blinking well rained, how come we can have tropical Winters and Arctic Summers, yet the weather plays ball come April. Bah. J

Nigel Tewksbury said...

I adore that you cycle in style. A nice response to all those tubby men in lycra. Keep fighting the fight, baby.

Leslie said...

You've gone quiet. All okay?

Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Leslie.

Everything is ok and as you can see I am now back on line again. Thanks for sticking around.