Friday, 29 June 2012

Beautiful balmy evening in the city

Yesterday was my last night of my printing course and it was a joy to be on the Brompton cycling through the city. Everyone on the street was in good mood and even getting around the never ending road works was fun. When the group of cyclists I was travelling with couldn’t get around the traffic we all jumped off our bikes and trotted along the pavement to the next gap in the road.

I was cycling back home at 9.45pm along London Bridge with the setting sun and rising moon in the sky.  Lovely view of Tower Bridge now carrying the Olympic ring logo.

Perfect night.

Shoe note. My Clark cloggs seem to prefer Brompton pedals. No slipping.


Pammie said...

I love the clogs - what a beautiful summer night - thanks for sharing!

Chandra said...

The photos are brilliant. I hope I can see lots of photos of London during Olympics through your blog and other blogs. So, thanks in advance!

Paz :)

Leslie said...

Yes, crossing the river is a real treat; London has such a wonderful 'mongrel' city skyline. It's a shame the Shard has arrived to spoil it.

Leslie said...

Tested an electric Brompton this morning, a conversion by a specialist company. The motor is in the front wheel; the battery in a Brompton bag clipped to the front as usual (with plenty of space left); with a small throttle on the handlebar. 10-25 mile range, and 4-5kg heavier, although only half of that (the motor) is permanently attached to the bike (you carry the battery in the bag).

It's designed for 'assist' rather than 'never-pedal', but is capable of going up Highgate Hill no-pedal. Altogether neat, professional but very expensive. I've started saving.

Cycling in Heels said...

Impressive. The older I get the more I consider that electric assist bikes will be the best thing for those of us who have to navigate hills.

Chandra said...

Electric Brompton sounds very exciting. I will have to check it out online. There is no Brompton dealer near me, unless I travel 3-4 hours by car.

Peace :)