Thursday, 28 June 2012

Training for the Olympics

I am now getting ready for traveling across London during the Olympics with the Brompton. This means extended times on the bike for journeys that would have been done by train or underground tube. Ensuring that I carry as little as possible which will be tough for me because I just like to carry stuff for just in case, giving more time for journeys, carrying water for the heat, getting more sleep and keeping up with my running to ensure I have the energy. I have still to work out how to read the Transport for London Get Ahead of the Games travel map. The last time I looked it was confusing.

Only flat shoes, during this time too.

This should work, providing the hard rain we have been having for the last few months takes a break for the games.

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Leslie said...

Get ahead of the games, by staying home reading the travel map!

I'm not sure how they worked it out, but as Stratford is the main entry to the park, I can't quite see why it never reaches higher than 'Busier-than-usual', when other stations reach 'Exceptionally-busy' regularly.

Let's hope the weather's good, and everyone walks and cycles. Lovely day today - afternoon canal-side like Barcelona.