Friday, 20 July 2012

Getting out the flat shoes for the Olympics

We have one week until the Olympics opens in London. I have discovered the following
  • The VIP lanes on the roads appeared in Greenwich overnight
  • Cyclists can’t use the special lanes and we will be fined £130 if we do.
  • The Olympic cars in the VIP lanes are BMWs. I thought this was a ‘Green Olympics’.
  • Everywhere on train platforms you hear a recorded message from the Mayor telling us that public transport is going to be very busy during the Olympics.
  • We are told to avoid London Bridge Station. Tricky for those with journeys to the outer reaches of London and beyond.
  • After taking part in a trial run of being ushered into London Bridge Station last week, I plan to add an hour to my journey time.
  • There are walking maps that show you how to get to your destination in Central London.
  • The bright pink Olympic signs directing you to the various venues appear to start in the centre of town, miles away from the venues and give the impression that you are nearby.
  • There are still unsold tickets for events.
  • I don’t know if I can cycle because of the crowds and if I do I am not sure I want to leave the Brompton locked anywhere
  • It may be easier to walk if the rain continues.
No one knows if all the transport plans will work, but you can’t say that they didn’t try and that we were not warned. The games part will work and I will be watching the opening ceremony next Friday from the sofa.


Chandra said...

Quite possibly, watching the ceremony from the comfort of your own pad, is the best way to do it.
Have fun!

Peace :)

The Brompton Bumble B said...

I have to say I'm giving it serious thought to always having a packed lunch with me when I'm at work cause if the traffic is as bad as I think its gonna be I will need it stuck in a bus all day

knitcyclist said...

Sounds like a commuting nightmare! I do hope you manage to find a practical solution.