Thursday, 2 August 2012

A folding electric bike

The owner told me that he got this folding bike on Ebay for £300.

The August Break


Chandra said...

Neat! What will they think of next, a solar electric bike??
Peace :)

Anonymous said...

Instead more shoes you will no wear, get a brooks saddle, it changes the bike for the best.

Get the c bag too, I don't catch why you don't buy it. It is great for food shopping.

And a front marathon tire make the bike less slippy and more comfortable.

Cycling in Heels said...

It rains too much for a Brooks Saddle to last. I am thinking about getting a new pannier, but I am also thinking of upgrading the bike next year.

PS I love my shoes!!

jacky dyan said...

Wow! what a bike it's cool folding electric bikes. i like your blog , amazing pictures for bikes. thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

A Brooks saddle will last a good long time, even in the rain, if you get into the habit of putting a seat cover over it when you leave your saddle outside. They're cheap. I even have a seat cover attached to my saddle so I can roll it up and tuck it underneath when not in use.

Anonymous said...

Hi Great bike , these are the very early ebike folding bikes from is was called the the Rabbit link below ,
They were the first people to bring lithium battery folding bike in UK , Cheers