Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ankle boots - Aldo

Still not found a pair of knee high boots yet but found another pair of ankle boots by Aldo. Good colour contrast with the black colour of the Brompton.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love this (considering contrasting colours of footwear or other apparel against the colour of one's Brompton).

I will let you into a secret. When contemplating the colour I wanted my Brompton now on order to be, I would have dearly loved yellow but I felt it would have been too much yellow overall, in that when cycling on the road, I wear a yellow safety waistcoat. So I went for Turkish green as I think this will compliment the yellow of the waistcoat nicely.

Nice booties by the way.

My choice of cycling footwear in the main, is a pair of Shimano cleat-ready shoes (I used the same pair when using clipless pedals on my indoor cycle trainer) and take the cleats off when on the Brompton as otherwise they scratch the pedals.

I think I will ride along the seafront at Brighton tomorrow if the forecast is for dry weather but unsure whether I will take the Bromp I have hired from work or just hire a bike when I get down there as the spa I want to go to afterwards may not have anywhere inside where I can safely leave it. I suspect the lockers will not be big enough. Research will be necessary for the following time I am down there.

Chandra said...

Damn - you are stylin'

Peace :)

Grace Black said...

Thank you.