Monday, 12 November 2012

Black Brompton, Brown heels and Red backpack

I was busy typing on my ipad when I saw this Brompton owner and her red backpack on the train. Someone else who doesn’t use the bike to carry stuff. The double image is there because I took the photo through glass and you can see my iPad screen.


Adam Edwards said...

But why not use a nice Brompton bag on the front block and save yourself a sweaty back? Much easier riding without all the weight, and safer too as much more stable.


Cycling in Heels said...

I do use my block. But I am a slow cyclist, get cold easily and I don’t mind carrying a bag on my back to keep warm. Plus a lot of my journeys involve folding and unfolding my bike when I am making transfers from train to tube and I find it faster to just carry a bag on the back.

John Broadway said...

I love the C-bag for the Brompton and detest getting sweaty. The only time I don't mind getting sweaty on a bike is when I am on my turbo trainer in my garage or if there is a strong cooling breeze. But I can see your point about the need to fold and unfold on your journeys and not wanting the extra process of removing and fitting a bag to the bike.

I'm very excited this evening for I get to pick up my new Brompton tomorrow after ordering it in September!

Cycling in Heels said...

I remember how excited I was when I decided to get my Brompton and unlike you I didn't have to wait. Then when I got it home I just kept looking for any excuse to use it even though I got it to commute to work.